Hotel Management and Reservation System

project details

The business objectives of the system for Alpine hotel management system are to provide the following benefits to Alpine Hotel. Improves efficiency through the computerization of the following previously used manual process.
Time saving – the proposed system can save a lot of time which is wasted currently due to the manual process. For instance.
All the manual documents or records can be handle through this system without misreading any record or document.
When someone wanted to request some material, they no need to waste time for approvals than before.
Summary of the whole system Processes
Item Movement Handling.
Current, Damage, Return Items Handling.
Credit Bill Details Handling.
Debtor’ Bill Settlement Handling.
Good Receive Notes handling.
Quotation Handling(Creating and Uploading).
Room Reservation and Bar Handling.
Guest Registration.
Beverage Bills Handling.
Kitchen Order Tickets Handling.
Sundry Sales Handling.
All Bills Settlements Handling.
Rooms Rates, Late arrival charges for rooms Handling.
Additional Room features adding handling.
Laundry Handling.
Final Bill Settlement Handling.
Travel Agent Bill Settlement Handling.
Guides and Drivers Room Charges Handling.
Damage Items Handling.
Set Menu & Buffet Handling.

  • client : Alpine Hotel Nuwara Eliya
  • skills : Java /PHP / MySql

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