Fuel Management System

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Stop, fill, and drive. This is what most customers expect when visiting a fuel station. The faster and more straightforward visit, the happier the customer will be to return. Smooth operation at the dispensers and in the shop along with reliable system are essential for a successful fuel station. This is why we offer our customers a complete, one-stop fuel station management package. The system controls fulling points and payment terminals at the fuel station as well as the POS system. All fuel data and information on credit sales are collected in the system and made available for evaluation and daily reconciliation. Also networked system makes it possible to monitor and control entire fulling points form a central office. Extensive reporting and functions support planning and optimization of business processes.
Fuel Station Management System is using for managing the following operations
Fuel Stock Management.
Fuel Purchase Information by the customers.
Sales details and credit details.
Management of Fuel issue by the pumps.
Machine operator’s operation recording.
Daily, Monthly Annual and Timely Reports of the Fuel Stock details, Issue detail, Client Payment and credit detail reports, income reports and other sales related reports are generate by the system.

  • client : Municipal Council - Nuwara Eliya
  • skills : java / MySql

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